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Mopar Career Automotive Program (MCAP)

Turn your passion for cars into a career with San Juan College's Mopar Career Automotive Program. You can become an automotive technician who works on the Chrysler family of vehicles in just two years. You'll also complete a paid internship at a Chrysler dealership so you can get real-world experience. Learn about our degree and certificate program options today!  

Why Enroll in the Mopar CAP Program?

Do you love the Chrysler brand? Do you want to work with cars from Dodge trucks to Jeep Cherokees? Then train to become an automotive technician through the Mopar Career Automotive Program (MCAP).

Mopar is short for "the Chrysler Motor Parts Corp" and combines the words "motor" and "parts." So with the MCAP program, you'll get hands-on experience with some of the world's most reliable and hottest cars. By completing the program, you'll be able to become a Mopar-certified technician. Through your courses you will:

  • Work with the latest Chrysler vehicles, components, and instructional materials.
  • Practice using high-tech diagnostic equipment.
  • Learn how to repair and replace Chrysler parts and vehicles.
  • Intern at a Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealership to get more training.

Why Enter the Mopar Career Automotive Program at San Juan College?

Partnership with Chrysler

SJC is proud to be one of 100 Mopar CAP schools nationwide. Because of our designation, you'll train using the latest Chrysler vehicles and tools. You'll get firsthand experience with diagnostic tools and repairs. With our two-year program, you'll have the skills and expertise to start a career as soon as you graduate.

Degree and Certificate Program Options

At SJC, you can earn an Mopar Career Automotive Program Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degree or Mopar Career Automotive Program Certificate. Choose the program that best fits your needs.

The Mopar CAP AAS is a two-year degree program where you'll learn the tools and skills you need to become a Mopar-certified technician. You'll also take other college-level courses to give you a well-rounded education. With your degree, you can transfer to a four-year school to earn a bachelor's degree in the automotive field. You'll also be more qualified for jobs such as a dealership service writer.

The Mopar CAP Certificate is a two-year program that focuses on helping you gain the skills to become a Mopar-certified technician. You'll get the training you need to begin a career as an automotive technician at a Chrysler dealership. 

Get Paid While Learning

As part of your training with Chrysler vehicles, you will intern at participating Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealerships. You'll get real-world experience with repair procedures and learn about dealership service operations. In addition, you will be paid hourly and receive pay increases based on your performance.

To receive an internship, you will make an agreement with a sponsoring dealership. With the MCAP Agreement, you will complete a two-year internship at a Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealership. You will be paid an hourly wage, and you will cover the tuition and book costs on your own.

Note: San Juan College can help you find a sponsoring dealership.

Affordable Mopar CAP Training

Take advantage of SJC's low tuition rates with our Mopar Career Automotive Program. In addition, because you'll be working at an internship during the program, you'll also be earning money to help pay for your program costs. You may even qualify to get your degree tuition-free through the NM Opportunity and Lottery Scholarships.

What You'll Learn in the Mopar Career Automotive Program

The Mopar CAP AAS degree and certificate program are supported by Chrysler. You'll receive instruction using Chrysler cars and technology. In the first eight weeks of the program, you will learn at SJC's automotive facility. In the second eight weeks of the program, you will work at an approved Chrysler automotive repair facility at a local dealership.

You will learn automotive knowledge and repair skills through courses including:

  • Intro to Mopar CAP
  • Electrical Systems
  • Brake Systems
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Engines and Related Systems
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Manual Trans/Transaxles
  • Automatic Trans/Transaxles
  • Fuel and Emission Systems

You will also learn important skills such as:

  • Customer service
  • Job search skills
  • On-the-job safety
  • Team cooperation

Through your courses, you will qualify to earn important automobile technician safety certifications. They include:

  • ASE Certification
  • NC3 Certifications
  • S/P2 Certification

If you are studying for the Mopar CAP AAS, you will take additional SJC classes to make you a well-rounded student. They include:

  • A communications course
  • A mathematics course
  • First-Year Seminar
  • Introduction to Business
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Survey of Physics and Lab

Curriculum for Mopar CAP AAS

Curriculum for Mopar CAP Certificate

Careers and Outcomes

Graduates of the Mopar CAP program are in high-demand. There are many unfilled jobs available because of retirement and a lack of trained employees.

Most of our students become Mopar-certified technicians who work on Chrysler-brand cars. Other job opportunities include:

  • Automotive parts salesperson
  • Automotive salesperson
  • Service writer at dealerships
  • Small business owner

Graduates find jobs at:

  • Automotive dealers
  • Automotive parts facilities
  • City, county, and state maintenance facilities
  • Construction companies
  • Oil field service
  • Private automotive repair facilities
  • Quick service facilities
  • Tire and general repair shops

Employers of SJC graduates include:

  • Advantage Dodge
  • Garcia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Espanola
  • Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Albuquerque
  • Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Santa Fe
  • Melloy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
  • Melloy Dodge Ram Fiat
  • Morehart Murphy Regional Auto Center

Mopar CAP Accreditation Information

SJC's Mopar Career Automotive Program is accredited by the ASE Education Foundation. The ASE Education Foundation evaluates and accredits entry-level automotive technology education programs against standards developed by the automotive service industry. It also develops career-readiness education for students, which fuse local partnerships, rigorous standard-based education, workplace experience, and mentorship together.

Next Steps

You must first apply to San Juan College to enroll in the Mopar Career Automotive Program. It's easy, and you can apply online at any time!

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Along with your SJC application, you must complete and submit your application to the Mopar CAP program.

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