Your Transfer Journey

Unlock Your Potential

At San Juan College, 我们认为现在是开始考虑你向上调动可能性的最佳时机! Whether you are a prospective student or already enrolled, we are here to help you every step of the way. 让我们告诉你,在这里获得副学士学位如何帮助你转到你选择的四年制学校,找到你梦想的职业.

What is Upward Transfer?

向上转学是指从社区学院开始你的大学生涯,然后转到四年制学院或大学的过程. There you will graduate with a bachelor's degree.

During your time at a community college like San Juan College, you will take courses in the program you are interested in. 在你通过规定的课程数量并获得副学士学位之后, you will be eligible to transfer to a 4-year school. Once you have applied and been accepted, 你的课程学分将转移到你的新学院或大学. 然后,你将完成你项目的高级课程,以获得学士学位.

Why Start Your Transfer at San Juan College?

某些工作和职位要求应聘者拥有学士学位. 从太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站转到四年制的学院或大学, you will have access to better job opportunities. In addition, 数据显示,受教育程度较高的工人通常比受教育程度较低的工人挣得更多. See graph below, 2020 Earning Increases by Educational Attainment.

Starting here before transferring, has more benefits as well. 您将在太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站学习与四年制大学相同的具有挑战性的课程, but have lower tuition rates. 你也将受益于小班授课和在家附近上课的能力.

事实上,你在社区大学的学分可以满足很多学士学位的要求. Many transfer students begin as a junior at their new school, meaning you can earn your bachelor's degree in two more years.

太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站是许多学生在获得学士学位的道路上一个完美的起点. 我们重视我们的社区,努力成为一个多元化和欢迎的校园. 太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站在我们当地的校园里有许多大学类型的支持服务,从我们的 Tutoring Center, Native American Center, Herencia Latina Center, and more.

In addition, 太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站与合作机构建立了关系,使您的转学过程更容易. We do this by maintaining transfer agreements with many 4-year schools. 当考虑转学到他们的机构时,这些学院和大学明确(或绘制)了最好的项目路径和课程. 一所大学可以接受多少学分因学校而异, but by working with an advisor, 你可以坚持下去,以满足你的目标学校的要求!

其中一些合作院校甚至为转校生提供奖学金, making your time spent at San Juan College even more valuable. No matter what your interests, 太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站的顾问将确保你走在正确的道路上,并帮助你最大限度地获得转学学校的学分.

San Juan College also offers on-campus student housing for full-time students. 住在校园里意味着你会离你的班级和图书馆等资源更近. You'll have the support you need for your transfer journey, including a community of friends who live next door. Try the residential college life even before you transfer.

2020 Earnings Increases by Educational Attainment
2020 Earning Increases by Educational Attainment.

What are the Steps to Transfer?

Current Students

If you are considering upward transfer to a 4-year school, you should first meet with your academic advisor. 他们将能够指导你——从选择什么课程到帮助你思考哪种类型的四年制学校最适合你!

Next, you should research your potential school options. 你可能想要参观他们的校园或与他们的大学代表联系. This will help you get a feel for the school.

请密切关注转会参观和我们的年度转会交易会. 四年制学校的代表参观太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站,与像你一样的学生见面. You can ask them questions about your future major or school life.

当你准备好了,你将申请转学到你选择的学校. After you are accepted and enrolled, your 4-year school will match you with a transfer advisor, who will help you transition into your new school.

在整个转学过程中,太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站的顾问和工作人员将为您提供支持. You will not have to take this journey alone. We are here to walk with you through every step of the way.

Make an Appointment with Advising

Prospective Students

我们鼓励你探索太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站的学位课程,看看哪些是你感兴趣的,是可转移的. 你还应该看看下面列出的转学分协议,看看哪些学校更容易转学分.

在你的申请过程中,一定要联系招生顾问. 他们会给你最新的信息,太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站当前的学位课程,以及如何转移到你的下一个学校.

一旦你被录取,你可以安排与学术顾问的预约. 他们将确保你在太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站学习期间保持正常,并帮助你完成转学申请过程.

The Transfer Process

Transfer Agreements

太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站与合作院校有多个转学协议. 他们将帮助你规划你从太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站到四年制学院或大学的教育路径.

这些转学协议(也称为衔接协议)概述了完成课程所需的具体课程. 当你遵循衔接协议时,你的课程学分将转移到你的新机构. 具体机构的衔接协议可根据要求通过咨询和转学中心获得.

In addition, 太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站采用了全州通用课程编号系统, making transfers within New Mexico smoother. 一些同样使用公共课程编号系统的大学包括新墨西哥大学, New Mexico State University, and New Mexico Highlands University. 使用公共课程编号系统的新墨西哥州学院和大学有相同的课程编号, title, description, and learning outcomes for equivalent classes. 因此,这些共同编号的课程是保证转学的. 为学生寻求有关新墨西哥州内课程可转移性的具体细节, additional information can be found on the New Mexico Higher Education Department webpage.

我们将与您合作,以确保您不必重复任何课程, saving you time and money. We want you to make the most of your well-earned credits!

We have specific agreements with the following schools:

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